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DT566 – Basti Grub


Uncompromising, unique, and completely unimpressed by fads and fashion: the fresh and multi-facetted sound of Basti Grub’s productions resonates innovation based on curiosity and an open-minded approach to music, life, everything – and beyond!

Whether it’s lengthy, introverted and relaxed piano passages, or the novelty sound of the hang instrument, animal samples from the country side, exotic drums, interesting use of voices and song structures, or just plain fat tech house sound, Grub, who was born in Frankfurt, makes it unpredictable what’s next, and never limits himself by thinking in conventional terms.

From a very early age onwards, it became clear that Basti’s fascination with music would take centre stage in his life. The roots: reggae music, a Roland MC 303, turntables, and life-changing trips to Omen, Stammheim, U60311, and Robert Jonson which would lay the foundation to Grub’s concept of club-orientated sound. It was just a question of time until the Frankfurter started to promote his own events, and his regular work as club DJ would serve him as a solid base in the studio. Crucial in his innocent, self-centered search was his essential quest to find the perfect drums, a benchmark sound which was omnipresent in Grubs productions from the very beginnings.

Sum up this podcast in 10 words…
Minimal, groovy, emotional, playful, versatile. It’s a podcast that came together during an after hour in the morning hours in Australia.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?
My favorite track is probably the edit I did of little dragon.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?
The podcast features my recent album “time“, I mixed and arranged these new tracks over several minutes.

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?
I recently played in Singapore at the top of the Marina Bay hotel that was certainly something – a magical moment.

What have you got coming up?
I will be going on tour through Latin America soon. Besides playing some awesome gigs I spent quite some time in the studio with different artists such as Timo Maas. It will definitely be worth your while to stay tuned on what is coming next.

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
Do what you like and keep your perseverance.


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