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534 – Saytek (Live)

Data Transmission April 10, 2017

2016 was a phenomenal year for one of electronic dance music’s most innovative live artists, Saytek. His ‘Machine Jams’ live album received global acclaim, as well as becoming one of Carl Cox’s favourite albums of the year; his renowned Facebook Live Jams received views in excess of a million people and he’s performed live shows all over the world.. Now Saytek is ready to kick start his 2017! Two brand new freshly constructed live jams – ‘Doppelganger’, a pressure filled slice of driving Techno and ‘Revolutionize’, which glows with it’s lush melodic hook, have been snapped up by the legendary Kevin Saunderson for an EP on his KMS label, now celebrating their 30th year!

“For me it’s an honour to be on Kevin Saunderson’s KMS label and even more so now having had a few releases on the imprint to be now making my way towards being key member of the label. Detroit Techno was a huge part of my musical education when I was younger, I was totally in love Kevin’s E Dancer productions. ‘Doppelganger’ and ‘Revolutionize’ are both Live Jams which I’ve already tried and tested at Tresor (Berlin), fabric (London), Salon Daome (Montreal) along with numerous gigs and they have really worked well with the crowd.” – Saytek

UK artist Saytek (aka Joseph Keevill) writes, produces and performs everything live with his improvised live shows that see him using a myriad of kit. Guilty as charged as having too many buttons, he is a master of musical technology with a unique energy and ear for melody and knows exactly how to make each piece of studio kit dance to his visionary ideas. He has gathered some serious momentum in recent years becoming one of the electronic music scene’s most in-demand live acts. He has performed shows at The Zoo Project, The Terrace of Space in Ibiza; fabric, Egg and Fire in London, to being fully embraced by Berlin’s underground scene performing regularly at Tresor, Golden Gate, Salon – Zur wilder Renate, Chalet, Sisyphos, Kosmonaught, Ipse, among others. Saytek has a relentless tour schedule with gigs at some of the best clubs and festivals around the world!

To keep up to date with Saytek’s busy tour schedule this year, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/Saytek.live/app/153332064731618

Sum up this podcast in 10 words…
It’s a Live Jam of my new material.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?
That’s really hard to say because it’s all my own music performed live, which actually makes it really hard to pick a favourite… Ask me in 3 years time when I haven’t been listening to it or performing it for a long while.

What’s the special ingredient in this live jam?
To me it’s how I ideally like to play in clubs – starting deep, dubby, dark and melodic and then working into tougher territory over the space of two hours. I love doing 2 hour live sets! It’s me jamming with my machines + Ableton, loads of improvisation and all the music is my own.

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?
Oh it’s impossible to say. I have been touring heavily with the live shows in some great clubs in London and Berlin: Fabric, Egg, The Hammerhalle, Sisyphos, my residency at Golden Gate and a couple of great shows at Kosmonaut. I have also been playing in Montreal, Prague, Luxembourg, Split and all over the UK, I have been very lucky! 🙂

What have you got coming up?
I’ve got lots of tour dates in the dairy including gigs in Montreal, Poland, London, Berlin and festivals in the Netherlands, Canterbury and more! Release wise, my new ‘Saytek Live Vol1 EP’ is dropping in May for Darren Emerson’s Detone label and I’ve a bunch of other projects on the go that I’m not allowed to mention yet. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for the latest developments!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
I really hope you enjoy the set 🙂

All music created and performed live by Saytek.


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