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Radio Show March Week #1 Hosted by Wax Worx



Wow March already, errrr summer is on the way? well maybe not just yet. We are feeling lively this Friday on our Radio Show series today on Pioneer DJ Radio with Wax Worx at the controls for the first show of the month.

Today is the return of Wax Worx for week 1 of the 4 week cycle at 1pm UK & 2PM CET. Five hosts in Wax Worx (WK1), Carly Wilford (WK2), M.A.X (WK3), Alice Clark (WK4) and Rhythm Masters taking over the rare 5th Fridays when they happen (which will be this month), we are hope you are enjoying the new look show, we certainly are!

Wax Worx this has some brand new music for your listening delights, including Ben Sterling’s new one ‘Donk Me’ on our label Shanghaied!

Tune in from 1pm (UK) 2pm (CET), every Friday on www.pioneerdjradio.comMake sure you follow our new radio page for all the announcements!



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