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NUDE068: Auriga


Engaged in music since she was a child, Auriga studied piano at the Oviedo Conservatory of Music.

Her music is characterized by a techno sound with minimal influences, full of melodies, vocals, powerful bases and a great connection to the audience. As a performer, her uniqueness has taken her to some of the most important venues in Spain (Fabrik Madrid, Goya SocialClub, Studio76, Florida Retiro, Café Mambo Ibiza, Sala Sonora Bilbao, Zul Cantabria, Festival ”Aquasella”) and other European cities as Berlin, Geneve, Lisbon, Andorra.

Her sets have been published in international electronic music media such as Redbull Music, Magnetic Magazine and her commitment to studio has landed her on some of the scene’s most iconic labels such as Set About and Dolma Rec. With thrilling releases coming up this year in important labels such as Odd Recordings definitely will place her as an artist to keep an eye on the next few years.

Today, she joins the NUDE Techno podcast, with an hour of Techno. Listen to it below on SoundCloud & Mixcloud. If you are feeling this series, then please consider supporting it on Mixcloud Select.

Sum up this podcast in 10 words…
Energetic, hard, industrial, acid, crazy, thrilling, techno, rave, exciting, Non stop!

What’s your personal favourite track on it?
I have included my unreleased track “Breath” that is part of my next EP and becomes a change and evolution in my style, harder, more powerful and rave. Hope you like it! 

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?
The drops with killer and hard kicks that make you dance!  I also love the surprise factor that makes you wait for the next drop, mixing different techno styles so that the set never gets lineal. 

Tell us about your next EP?
I’m finishing it now, my style got more industrial, underground and strong. Can’t wait to show it to you! 

What have you got coming up?
In June I will release my track “Paipah” in Odd Recordings and in July I will release a track in a German Label that it’s a dream for me. I will tell you more soon. 

This month some clubs are opening after this long period of pandemic and I’m so excited to play in front of the crowd again, on 22th May I will play in Lisbon, Portugal and on 28th of May I’ll play in my hometown Madrid. Can’t wait! 

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
Stay healthy and hopeful! We will be dancing together very soon. Hope you enjoy my mix! 


1. Mark Greene, Sara Landry – Memo (Original Mix)  [Zeca Records]
2. Belocca – Concentrate (Original Mix) [Mainground Music]
3. Neoma – Abduction (Original Mix) [Soma Records]
4. Jacidorex – Trave (Original Mix) [Neoacid]
5. Mark Greene – Trifecta (Original Mix) [DORCHA]
6. Lee Ann Roberts – I Want You (Dense & Pika Remix) [NowNow]
7. Raindrop, Hazmat Haze – Alpha Orionis (Original Mix) [In-Psy Records]
8. Julian Muller – Juicy (Original Mix) [1Ø Pills Mate]
9. Broken Robot – Positive Test (Original Mix) [Codex Recordings]
10. Onelas – Limitless (CLTX Remix) [Dripping Traxx]
11. Analect – Man Can’t Starve (Original Mix).   [Seikan]
12. Tobias Lueke – Parasite (Original Mix) [DCRYPTED]
13. AnGy KoRe, D.N.S, Gabriel Padrevita – F*** You (Original Mix) [Angry Machines Himmel]
14. Blame the Mono – Crackland (Original Mix) [Taapion]
15. Witzemann – Apperance (Original Mix) [NewKids Records]
16. Broken Robot – You Are My Xtc (Original Mix) [Codex Recordings]
17. 3Phazegenerator Viral – Burst (Original Mix) [Outbreak Digital]
18. Nico Moreno – I Repeat (Original Mix) [Techno Germany Records]
19. Auriga (SP) – Breath (Original Mix)  [Unreleased]
20. VINYA – Drak (Original Mix) [Suara]

21 All Turned Out (Original Mix) SveTec Clube dos Lenhadores

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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