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BOT & Will Clarke combine on ‘Feeling Good’ via Dirtybird


Will Clarke has quickly become a house and techno darling, with a polished discography to match his high reputation. BOT has been making a name for himself in the underground realm with his keen ear for a proper groove and nuanced production M.O. Together these artists made waves with their heady collaboration, “Techno (not techno).” Now, they’ve re-joined for a blistering new release on DIRTYBIRD that is finally coming to light after months of being a sought-after ID among A-list DJs and fans alike.

“Feeling Good” uses acid lines, heady bass, and synths that creep up from behind to create a titillating dance floor weapon. Built to destroy, its explosive nature leaves listeners with little choice but to succumb to the wild euphoria that unfolds. Tiger Stripes, a step outside the DIRTYBIRD norm, steps in for remixing duties, adding a more futuristic twist to the original while maintaining high energy levels. Both versions are difficult to resist.

Check it out below and grab a copy here

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