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Watch the new video from Lady B


French producer Lady B explores human connection in the video to upcoming track ‘Liaisons’.

Taken from an EP of the same name, ‘Liaisons’ is a futuristic driver built purely for the dancefloor. Completed by 2 more original tunes, plus a remix of the title track by Redj & Ghidi-B Gabardines and a re-loop from BG, the Liaisons EP is set to drop February 25th via Musique Moderne.

The accompanying film – directed by Florent Delavous and written by Lady B – takes the concept of ‘Liaisons’ beyond just the music, looking at the connections we make every day.  “All beings are linked connected with one another, mankind with mankind, mankind with animals, animals with animals, animals with mother Nature, mother Nature with mankind…” writes Laby B.

“This connection is the natural essence of the cycle of life I can not understand how come, us, humans, are spending so much time and energy trying to break that connection, why are we trying so hard to run out of fuel..?”

Watch the clip below:


01. Liaisons
02. Liaisons (Redj & Ghidi-B Gabardines Remix)
03. Liaisons (Re-looped by BG)
04. These Little Voices
05. Realife