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Warning To All DJs – Apple Are Set To Make Changes That Will Affect All iTunes Users


With the new Catalina IOS Mac update incoming from Apple.

A warning to DJs not to update your Operating System straight away.

Apple are making changes to iTunes which means your DJ software may not sync with it any longer. When Catalina is released it will delete iTunes from the Applications folder of every mac that is upgraded.

The replacement for Catalina is called ‘Music’ but this app will remove a feature that many DJs use to sync their playlists from iTunes to Serato, rekordbox, Traktor, VirtualDJ and other DJ Software.  This feature is called the ‘iTunes Music XML File’ and is a text file that contains all your playlists and information about your tracks.

It’s unclear at the moment which DJ Software manufacturers are going to issue software upgrades in the next few weeks before Catalina is released.

So our suggestion is to wait until you see each of those manufacturers release updates.


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