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Warner case releases double visuals for ‘good time heart dance’


NYC producer warner case releases visuals for his two track EP release ‘good time heart dance’, featuring Zak Downtown on ‘Good Time’ and Spencer Ludwig on ‘heart dance’ created to be viewed together as a two-part story. 

He shares with us:

Both of these tracks started as instrumentals, but I couldn’t work out how to finish them. I’m not one for serendipity, but within a few days of writing the instrumentals for both tracks, I coincidentally ran into the people who would end up helping me finish them. 

That’s also why I chose to call the ep ‘good time heart dance;’ it reminds me of Chinatown massage parlor ads, and the spontaneous, unpolished beauty that creates a large part of NYC’s living, breathing energy.

Inspired by Fear and Loathing meets Rocky, we follow a circus leader and a dancer go round for round in a surreal world, which takes us to part 2, as they both find themselves in a Leslie Nielsen inspired nightmare scene, filled with pudding, grape juice, and a dripping bloody heart. ‘good time heart dance’ is a trip.

Follow warner case on Spotify for new music, and stream the Losmose directed double visual for ‘good time heart dance’ below.

Part 1

Part 2