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VirtualDJ Announces Biggest Ever Updates That Will Change Digital DJing forever


The latest version of VirtualDJ promises to forever change the way DJs mix.

Using advanced mathematics and the power of today’s computers. VirtualDJ allows DJs to work on the fly with the various components of their tracks. In real-time, you can manipulate (vocals, instruments, kicks, hi-hats, etc) to create new mash-ups, remixes and transitions. These huge developments mark the first time since the 1960s that new technology in the DJing world is not merely making things easier. It brings a real change and opens the door to new ways of mixing that were simply not possible before.

VirtualDJ has been revolutionising the digital DJing world since 1996 and continues to do so today. With more than 150 million downloads to date, it is the most popular DJ software on the planet and is famous for its numerous technical innovations.

Packing the most advanced smart DJ technology, and intuitive features, VirtualDJ is easy to learn and master for any starter DJ. For professional DJs, using VirtualDJ allows them to enhance their performances by using technologies not available in other DJ software or traditional mixing tools.

VirtualDJ lets you start mixing as a DJ right away. All you need is your computer to practice and learn, prepare sets and playlists. The software is plug & play compatible with all DJ controllers and mixers on the market. It supports a multitude of audio, video and karaoke formats.

VirtualDJ is free to use for non-commercial use, and costs $19/month for professional use.

More information on www.virtualdj.com


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