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Vanilla Ace’s ‘Perfect 10’ drops on Anabatic


Vanilla Ace’s ‘Perfect 10’ drops on Anabatic: a two-track EP that takes no prisoners with its meaty kicks and intricate yet weighty basslines.

A prolific prominent force in house music, Vanilla Ace is a firm favourite in his native UK and a growing name globally.

Sam Young created Vanilla Ace in order to make a new brand of house music infused with all his favourite influences, leading to an inimitable sound that continues with this latest release.

The ‘Perfect 10’ EP begins with our premiere, a self-titled track. It features chopped vocal samples, shuffling percussion and eerie synth builds. It’s all held together with an immensely satisfying bassline that will stay with you long after the track finishes.

His Perfect 10 EP is exactly that: 10 out of 10 – check out the lead track below!