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Vanilla ACE & Worthy combine on ‘Splurge’


Worthy the longtime Dirtybird affiliate and Anabatic records owner teams up with Sam Young aka Vanilla ACE for the club-ready ‘Splurge’ via Wyldcard Records.

When it comes down to the hype, his name says it all. He is Worthy. With an in-depth knowledge of production, mixing & performance, Worthy has the insight to play for his audience, cultivating intense positive energy on the dancefloor.

Vanilla Ace from London, has been DJing since he was 17 years old, growing up on a healthy dose of hip hop, drum & bass and house music. In 2012 he created the Vanilla Ace alias to make a new brand of house music infused with all his favourite influences. 

Road tested by both artists since its demo conception to great dance floor responses. We premiere ‘Splurge’ today for you, check it out below!


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