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tyDi & Matt Fax release ‘It’s Always Now’ on AVA Recordings


Australian DJ/producer tyDi teams up with Matt Fax for ‘It’s Always Now,’ an uplifting progressive house stormer released on Andy Moor‘s label AVA Recordings.

In the spirit of epicness, tyDi took his release to new heights, literally, as he flew a Russian-made fighter jet through the stratosphere over Los Angeles, documenting it all on his Go Pro.

It being the first instrumental from the Australian DJ in a long time, tyDi shares: “I got to really focus on the breakdown and subtle details in the way each part of the song moves, there’s a lot of arena shaking madness in this one. I’m really proud of the groove, attention to detail and the emotion in this breakdown. It kind of feels like the tracks I made when I first started out. Matt Fax added a really cool flare to this song, I especially love what I he did with chopping up my parts of the bass and adding in his own sound.”

‘It’s Always Now’ is out now via AVA Recordings, stream it below, including a short recap of tyDi’s Top Gun moment: