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Two Tails announces his debut album “Vicky”


House of Hustle is proud to present their Two Tails’ debut album “Vicky”.

The label says “When James pitched us the idea, we were immediately intrigued. Throughout the years he has consistently brought us quality tunes, and we are happy to say, this 13-track album, never dips below the quality we’ve come to expect from him.

In fact, James blew us away, with the sheer quality he managed to compile on “Vicky.” The pandemic turned out to be a catalyst for James. Whilst one track existed before the pandemic, the other 12 were fully produced during the lockdown, a great way to make the most out of a time of global uncertainty. The album includes a number of exciting collaborations with talented artists such as Anna Brinckmann, Colossi Rah, Hot Pot, Aylene, CARZi, Contribe, Lucy Knox, ChrisKhaos and Story Of One. Each of them brings a unique flavor to this gem of a production.”

‘Vicky’ certainly is a testament to James’ versatility, productivity and quality as a producer. The balance between tracks that explore the boundaries of electronic music, and the surefire bassy bangers that are present on “Vicky”, make this an easy pickup. We’re entirely sure you’ll enjoy this collection of creative eruptions as much as we have.

We grabbed a few minutes with Two Tails to chat about the album:

1. We have had the pleasure to work with you for a couple of years now and see you grow as an artist, so while we know you well, tell us a little bit about yourself and what’s been your key ingredient to staying productive?

I seem to always write the best music after being awake for more than 20 hours or something like that. I will be doing things all day and then it will be 3 am in the morning and all of a sudden an idea will come to me. When that happens I try to put that idea to work and sometimes it’s cool and sometimes it sucks haha. So I guess to answer to this question is my key ingredient is lack of sleep. 

2. There is no denying that the last 12 months affected us all in one way or another, in your personal experience, how did it affect your creative work and what have you done to keep yourself connected with the music? 

During the first couple of months of the pandemic, I didn’t even want to touch music. I honestly just felt like doing nothing but game. My friends and I played Animal Crossing since it came out till the Final Fantasy Remake released then all I did was play that. It wasn’t till after beating the game did I start to write again. Then I started to stream a whole lot. Streaming I think helped me a ton with staying connected with friends and fans. Pretty much built a little community. 

3. As with most producers, we all tend to be influenced by other talented artists around us. Who are you currently listening to and taking inspiration from?

When it comes to mixdowns my biggest inspiration is Steve Darko. I think his music sounds the best so I reference him a lot. I wouldn’t say I really get inspired by other artists’ music. I try to make an idea as original as possible even when I sample. Actually sometimes going through random samples can inspire an idea for me haha.

4. From what we understand Vicky is your first ever album, could you tell us a bit about the album and the inspiration?

After a couple of months into the Pandemic, I already did a couple of collaborations with some new friends I’ve made. It wasn’t till I Vicky when I came up with the idea to just write an album. I figured with all this extra time being stuck at home what’s not a better time to put together something I’ve always wanted to do. This is actually my 3rd album attempt and I am pretty proud of myself that I actually finished it. 

5. Tell us a bit about each of the tracks included on the album, how did you approach the production of so many tracks? Do you have any personal favourites and why? There are a number of exciting collaborations on the album can you tell us about those? When producing all of these tracks were there any favorite tools in the studio that you kept coming back to and if so, can you tell us a little bit about those?

Make It Out Alive was mainly written by Anna when I hear what she wrote I think of the hard time we went through during the pandemic. I took what she wrote and just put my twist of how I would write her type of music into house music. Her and I have a lot planned for 2021!

I actually do not understand ‘Moving Ting’ if I am completely honest. Both Colossi Rah and I were addicted to Animal Crossing at the time so I just assumed it has something to do with that. I had a song I was already writing and was stuck on it so I just sent her the stems and she came back with this banger. I loved what she did with the track and I think she really blended our styles together really well. 

‘Murder Hornet’ started as a 16 bar loop Hot Pot wrote and I just took what he sent and finished it. It was actually a different track before we made it to what it is now. 

‘You Be You’ was inspired by a life event that will always be a mystery haha. 

‘Kinda Always Maybe’ was something I made after I started to dig into using Serum for the first time. Yes yes, I know it took me this long to even touch this synth. I wanted to learn new things while writing tracks and this was a huge example of that. 

‘Dance Like You’ is actually one track that was inspired by another. I really really liked Porter Robinson’s new track Get Your Wish and it was in a style I really thought I could pull off to change it up a bit for an album. I had a great time with this one. 

‘Vicky’ began as a joke gimmick love song after my friend Vicky and I were laughing about how many love songs there are and I never actually wrote a love song before and I said I think it would be pretty easy. I originally had only like a 16 bar loop and was gonna call it a day but I couldn’t stop and then boom a whole track was born and the response on it was really good so I turned it into a finished tune. 

‘Too Much’ was just another one of those random 3am moments. I opened up the daw, laid out the idea and at that moment I knew I was not going to sleep anytime soon. I knew after Carzi’s amazing voice filled up the space that this would fit right at home with the album. 

Contribe either showed me this track or posted a sample of it on his SoundCloud and I kinda just convinced him to let me collab on it haha. I just really liked the way his vocal flowed and the sounds he made in his original and I knew I would have a lot of fun adding my sound to it as well I am glad he let me collab on it. The name ‘Hurry Up’…Final Fantasy VII as I just beat the remake before working on it and the vocal it was just fitting from both sides. 

‘Candles’ with Lucy Knox is probably my favorite story and the most random one. After loading up the stems she sent me I instantly started to think of how a vocal needs to be on this. If you didn’t know, both this track and Vicky have my own vocal but I did do this one first. I have never done my own vocals before but I wanted to change it up since most collabs that involve a female usually the female also does the vocal. It started by looking at an old note from the note app that was shared between some of my friends where mostly them would write really random stuff they would think of in it. After scrolling through the notes I randomly just saw Something About Those Candles…I was on a mission to make this the vocal of the track so I recorded myself over and over till I got used to hearing my own voice and went to work. The breakdowns with my voice pitched up were actually all improv. I just talked into the mic said what I said and left it at that haha. 

‘Funky Pills’ with Chris Khaos was a nice easy tune. After he sent me the parts to the song I had ideas right away and probably had it finished within 24 hours or so. This song has alot of main elements from Chris and myself that we would use in alot of our own productions. Its a good blend I think.

‘Lights, Camera, Distraction’ was a sweet idea Story of One sent and I felt it was almost completed so I asked if I could add some of my flavors to it. I love how the ending product came out with the blend of our sounds and the added final touch with Ashley’s vocal. 

‘Breathe’ is the oldest track on the album. I believe I started this one in 2018. I was looking through older stuff I started trying to find something I felt would be a good closer for the album and this one I felt was perfect. I opened it up revamped it and also had my friend lay down some sick acoustic drums for the breakdown. 

Most of the album was produced with VSTs Serum, Massive, Sylenth, and a lot of old samples I have collected over the years I also tried to blend some of my older sounds from some older Two Tails tracks with new sounds. I wouldn’t say I have any personal faves as I do love every single song I put on here. It took me months to make and select the right tracks I wanted for this. 

6. What exciting stuff have you got coming up in the next 6-12 months and have you set yourself any particular goals?  

One big thing is the addition of Anna Brinckmann in Two Tails. She will be producing and doing most of the vocals on our projects now. The goal is to just write more music and maybe another album! Expect more tracks like ‘Make It Out Alive’.

We premiere ‘Light Crash Distraction’ on Data Transmission today, check it out here and grab it on Beatport.

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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