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Tube & Berger release New Charity Single


Tube & Berger have released their latest single ‘International Corporate Motherfuckers’ via Kittball Records on April 14th.

The track is the third single to be taken from the dynamic duo’s forthcoming sophomore album (out May 19th), following the acclaimed success of previous singles such as ‘Ruckus’ and the album’s title track ‘We Are All Stars’.

‘International Corporate Motherfuckers’ combines a tough Tech House groove with an intriguing warped vocal emitting a politically-charged statement/reaction to what’s currently happening in the world, aimed at both the dance floor and the politicians, investment bankers, businesses, large pharmaceuticals, lobbyists etc.

Tube & Berger explain… “There was a time when music Artists spoke truth to power, it was kind of our job, but it seems those days are over, nobody says anything about anything to anybody and especially in the dance scene. Well, in these Times of Trouble we are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore! Our lawyers told us we cannot explicitly name and shame those responsible but we all know who they are.  So, are you with us or against us? Do you also feel it is time that us dance people made our feelings known? If you do, you know what to do. Be part of The Solution, not The Problem.”

All revenues generated from the single will be donated to children’s charity ‘IT BEGAN IN AFRICA’ – a project which Tube & Berger and Kittball Records have long-standing relationship with.


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