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Toni Alvarez releases his ‘Adexyl’ EP on SUARA


Toni Alvarez is the new techno ambassador in Galicia.

He started as a DJ and Producer when he was only 5 years old, reading music and studying piano and guitar. After his first encounter with electronic music in 2003, he has travelled all around Spain and other European countries. His performances have been a complete success in the main national festivals such as Code, Freelive, and Row, where he has been part of on several occasions. At present, he is playing in the most important European Halls, where he is very well regarded.

His style combines fast techno with a touch of groovy and dark techno as well. He has released more than 50 releases for record companies around the world including Plus 8, Suara, Planet Rhythm and Labyrinth. He is now responsible for the Wildlife events which are mainly promoting techno events in the Iberian Peninsula and other countries. Being a promising figure in the electronic world, it is clear that he won`t stop surprising the musical scene.

His next release comes on SUARA with his ‘Adexyl’ EP. The EP features two originals ‘Adexyl’ and our premiere ‘Aglonex’. Also on the package are two remixes from Steve Stoll & Phara – completing a heavy release for Toni. Check out ‘Aglonex’ on our NUDE Techno channel and you can grab it on Beatport.


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