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Tiger & Woods announce new LP “A.O.D.” on Running Back


Tiger & Woods have announced they will release their third studio album on Gerd Janson’s Running Back. “A.O.D.” due for release April 12th on 12” and digital formats.

The Roman duo, formed by Marco Passarani and Valerio Delphi, are celebrating 10 years of collaborating with this new full-length eight track long player. “A.O.D.” stands for “Adult Oriented Dance”, taking inspiration from A.O.R. (Adult Oriented Rock) and the romantic landscapes and discotheques on the Italian countryside. 

The music of Tiger & Woods always kept evolving in and around the tropes of disco, house and boogie – which this album does in droves. Classic dance music, if you will.

Listen to the first track ‘1:00AM’ below on Spotify.

I. Forever Summer
II. Warning Fails
III. A Lovely Change
IV. Night Quake
V. The Bad Boys
VI. Salsaro Ete
VII. 1:00AM
VIII. Kelly McGillis

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