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Tiga teams up with Audion for ‘Nightclub EP’


Tiga teams up with Audion for the third time to release a brand new EP titled ‘Nightclub EP’ coming out via Turbo Recordings. 

The ‘Nightclub EP’ follows the mega-hit ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ and the micro-hit ‘Fever’, featuring 3 new productions: ‘Stabbed In The Back’ (lead track), ‘Pink Bells’, and ‘Nonstop’.  Talking about the collaboration Tiga says “It’s extremely challenging to make instrumental techno with enough of a hook and enough of a funk to stand out, and it’s exponentially more difficult when I know deep down I could make everything alright so easily with just the sound of my voice. We bought a set of Bryan Adams Studio Flash Cards, which instructed us to make the kind of hyper-utilitarian dance tracks we could play in our own DJ sets. Sometimes, even musicians need to be reminded to put themselves first.”

‘Nightclub EP’ is released as a Beatport exclusive from 7 April.


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