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The Johnny Johnny imprint release their first vinyl


Next up on the superb Johnny Johnny imprint is their first ever vinyl release in the ‘Proxy’ EP.

The label gave us this exclusive quote about the release “This has been a long time in the making as we wanted to make sure that this EP was perfect. And to say we are proud of it doesn’t even come close. This record showcases two artists who we have had our eyes on for over a year now, and we are truly delighted to be releasing them on 120grams of pure listening pleasure!”

For our premiere we focus on the a-side where Two Tail brings home the bacon debuting on JJ with two absolutely stunning tracks. 

First up, our premiere, we have ‘Moth Plant’ which is packed with gritty bass and grooves to shake your hooves. Its a track that puffs its chest out, and for good reason.

The Second track on A1 is called ‘Somewhere Over There’ and its rinsed with warm pulsating chords and haunting pads, broken rhythms and subtle flavours that round these two tracks perfectly with all that Two Tail flavour. On the B Side is two tracks from Modat debuting his first ever release with us at JJ.

You can grab the vinyl from here.

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