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TeamDT runs the Marlow Half Marathon Today, Playlist


As we’ve mentioned before Data Transmission are entering Team DT – a whole bunch of Music folk to run the Marlow Half Marathon, Today!  We have been raising money and awareness against tinnitus for British Tinnitus Association because many of us suffer & hope to help others, we’ve absolutely smashed our sponsor target, so thanks to everyone who has donated!

The team came together from a random chat in the pub between Junior & Grant Richards to a Data Transmission supported event where a load of DJs and music people come together to raise awareness about tinnitus and protecting your hearing, whilst tackling the Marlow Half Marathon. Many of the individuals involved HAVE tinnitus but HAVEN’T run before, so we will be sharing our stories and struggles along the way and hope you can find it in you to at least, share our project, or even better if you can find it in you to stick some of your hard earned money in to the fundraising pot.

We’ve created a TeamDT playlist and today is Grahame’s selection of classic training track and disco numbers – eye of the tiger baby, to get you exercising. 

You can still sponsor us, you can here.

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