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Stylophonic & Kena Anae release ‘Freak Da Funk’ on Flashmob Records



“Coloured sounds, eclectic vocation an an international profile”, these are the adjectives that Stefano Fontana, better known in the industry as Stylophonic, normally uses to define himself and his style. And the truth is that they couldn’t be more accurate. Active since the eighties, the Italian artist Stylophonic has become one of the biggest, most renowned and respected names in the international electronic music scene thanks to his extremely personal sound that can only be described as kaleidoscopic.

Now, it’s time to discover his last work & our premiere today, “Freak Da Funk”, that will be released on Flashmob Records on 25th of May. This new EP which Stylophonic has created with the collaboration of Kena Anar has an original track that couldn’t represent him and his sound better. “Freak Da Funk” is at the same time the reflection and the reason why Stylophinic is still one of the most influential artists after so many years.

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