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Stuuks announces his ‘Dancing’ EP


Stuuks returns to Audio Rehab with three insane originals making up the ‘Dancing’ EP

Signed to ViVa, CUFF and Safe Music, Stuuks is beginning to make some real waves in the scene. With high profile fans such as Golf Clap, Anime & DANCE and Steve Lawler already on board, it won’t be long before he’s sharing the DJ booths of the world with them.

Stuuks opens the EP with the lead track, ‘Dancing’. Bumpy bass and snappy percussion get the hips swinging. Vocal cuts and melodics keep the floor full. Our premiere ‘London’ features Africa chants and a rubbery bass lead the way. Building up to a ‘hands in the air’ breakdown. Finally, ‘Mexico’ rounds out an excellent trio of tracks. Deeper than the others, the electrified bassline makes up for it in spades! Vocals and wonky FX keep this one rocking til the last bar.

Check out ‘London’ below and grab it here.


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