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Stream Rustie’s New Album ‘EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE’



This year has been one full of surprise as artists dispense with extended hype building PR campaigns and just drop releases on us without fuss or fanfare. Perhaps our favourite producer to share news that they’d be dropping a new album on us out of the blue was Rustie who quietly announced he had a new LP on the way earlier this week when he unveiled album cut, ‘First Mythz’.

Titled ‘EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE’ the 15 track album is the Glaswegian’s third full-length and follows on from ‘Glass Swords’ and ‘Green Language’ which similarly landed on seminal UK label Warp Records. Interestingly, the LP doesn’t feature any collaborative works with the Scottish producer deciding to helm this extended effort solo.

Out now, you can stream the album in full courtesy of our friends over at Spotify below.


01. Coral Elixrr
02. First Mythz
03. Atlantean Airship
04. 4Eva
05. Big Catzz
06. Peace Upzzz
07. Your Goddezz
08. Coral Castlez
09. What U Mean
10. Morning Starr
11. Death Bliss
12. New Realm
13. Emerald Tabletz
14. Open Heartzz
15. 444Sure


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