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Stream: Krystal Klear feat Jenna G – Addiction (Tiger & Woods Remix)



‘Larry Tiger’ and ‘David Woods’ (hmm) have built an international reputation based on their disco-digging extended edits. Considering the dearth of classic house albums released in the last few years, it’s surprising that their sublime debut Through the Green didn’t attract more attention. Two years later, following the release of lab edits album Wiki & Leaks and the new Banana Balls EP, the (fairly) anonymous duo have now served up another fresh remix this time of Rinse signing Krystal Klear’s nu disco banger ‘Addiction’ featuring the vocals of Jenna G.

With sunshine vibes coursing through its veins it’s been the perfect antidote to the always sobering beginning of the week after a memorable weekend. So check out the Italian duos rework of the Manchester based Hoya Hoya resident to brighten up your day.

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