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Stevie R announces his ‘Melt’ LP


Stevie R returns to Chapter 24 Records with his ‘Melt’ album, due out on 15th March.
Stevie says “’Melt’ is the story of 13 animals trying to go to space. Each animal is a figure in the artist’s life, accompanying the others on the difficult journey. Nobody knows where space is, what it looks or feels like. To me, space is where our fears disappear, our loved ones stand beside us, and the fights in our mind cease. Nevertheless, there is a different journey for each and every one of us, our Universe is unique and the animals always look different; in this journey we travel alone.”

Check out ‘Gkii feat. CERPINTXT (Dub Edition)’ ahead of the album release to give you a feel for what the album is about – below.

1. Stépa
2. Delias feat. Djanan Turan & Master Dani
3. Asprúla
4. Gkii feat. CERPINTXT
5. Gunii
6. Bótsa Bótsa feat. Djanan Turan
7. Madilo feat. CERPINTXT
8. Red Lemon feat. CERPINTXT
9. Acid Tri feat. Djanan Turan
10. Tsari feat. CERPINTXT
11. Misirlu