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Steve Brian releases “1986” via Enhanced + album break down


German DJ/producer Steve Brian presents his latest album “1986,”an array of deep and emotive trance and progressive cuts, out now via Enhanced Music.

Featuring the likes of Matt Fax, Eric Lumiere, RENÉE, Trove, to name a few, Steve Brian describes the album as a personal story of love, triumph, maturity, and everything in between. Through heartbreak and struggle there’s hope, and light, “1986” is the journey through it.

Stream the album in its entirety below, follow Steve Brian for new music, and below read for more, as Steve Brian breaks down the album for us track by track.

01: 1986

The first track / the intro deals with how I got into music. During my childhood, when I was six years young, I’ve got my first attention to tapes from Genesis/Phil Collins and Michael Jackson. The first interests into 80s music were born and I tried to reproduce these feelings in this track/song.

02: Holding On

I love to create Progressive House/Trance tunes but this time I wanted to be a bit slower between 115 and 120 BPM and have more of a pop song with a different voice instead of usual trancy toplines. In my honest opinion I am really satisfied with the result and this track is the perfect example how I want to continue to work in the EDM/Pop crossover world. I really love this and it’s one of a new way to go how I will produce, but don’t worry I’ll still keep my Proggy style as well

03: Damage Each Other

On the one hand you made good decisions in your life but on the other hand  you also make bad decisions and I think this belongs to your way of life. It totally hurts sometimes, but fortunately the most decisions turned into a better way afterwards and right now I’m living with a very good and positive mindset. It get’s better and better, especially when my son will see the lights of this world this September.

04: Another Youth

Until now (34 years old) I have to say I had a very interesting life like a readable book. I have been in over 20 countries and made so many experiences but before I started to travel, my youth was so beautiful as well since I’ve went to the Waldorf school from years 10-12. After being bullied at previous school, Waldorf taught me how people accept you for who you are. However, it was always a challenge to convince people that I wanted to be a DJ and music producer. A lot of people didn’t believe in me and made jokes about my music but this was my drive to work harder and harder to show them I have the endurance, patience, belief to realize my Potential. Finally in 2005 I proved everyone wrong by releasing my first vinyl – I told them that everything is possible if you believe in what you wanna do.

14 years later, I’ve met Matt Fax in London and we’ve worked on this collab during a Colorize/Enhanced Song camp and I started to create these chords and vocal chops melody. This track reminds me of my beginning, my first steps into music and life.

05: Sweet Little Lies

When I was 16 I had a big friendship circle and we’ve spend so many years in the same bar/pub in Hildesheim. The owners were siblings and they combined an Australian touch with 80s music. Every weekend when I was there with my friends I’ve listened to so many 80s songs and my passion felt more and more into that genre. When I was 6 I had my first memory of Phil Collins but during the time in the pub I’ve started to create a feeling or maybe more a sense for this kind of music. Finally 2004 was the beginning to think about playing around with the 80s genre beside my first attempts to produce Trance Music of the early 2000.

06: Somebody

A few months ago I had a conversation with Eric Lumiere to talk about another follow up of our first track “In Your Eyes”. He sent me the songwriting of “Somebody” and I was totally overwhelmed. Immediately I started to work on this gem and tried to convert the idea into a song how I wanna produce a current Proggy/EDM track at present and I guess we turned this idea into a creative and successful song.

07: August Nights

Since I can remember – during the winter and spring time I was always waiting for the balmy/warm summer nights. In June/July it could be the same sometimes but the peak time for me are the night within August. One of my favorite months where you can spend time with friends in the garden or take a walk alone under a clear starry sky. The best time to find a dark place to enjoy and explore the stars, the milky way and other solar systems.

08: Lake Street

Sometimes everyone has a ‘turning point’ in their life where something happened to change a bit and give a new aim/target in life. This song talks about how I moved after 27 years from my village into the next bigger city and met new people, especially one of my best friends Ramon Berlin (Nathan Rux). A great private and musical friendship started and he has shown me to be a bit more experimental, open minded. I always listened to house music and he teached me to work on good house tunes.

09: To Get To You

This song is the perfect crossover track for me nowadays. Worked together with Nathan Rux on hous based elements combined with my progressive sound plus added lovely folk/pop vocals by the amazing vocalist Rachael Nemiroff. This song is a more fresh taste for me and shows one of the several directions I want to go in the future.

10: The 90s

It has a more different touch instead of the other album songs. ‘The 90s’ is the result of combining all emotions during the time where I have started to spend my thoughts how all the artist of electronic music are creating these songs. I rember I was in the airplane with my parents to Tenerife and listened to the radio of the airline. A few months later I figured out that I’ve heard tracks in the airplane like ‘York – On the Beach’, ‘Alice Deejay – Better of Alone’ or ‘ATB – Till I come’. My first approach into electronic music. I always wondered how they made these sounds/tracks. I’ve met Markus Pilar at his work in my small village where I lived and he teached me how to handle a DAW/Digital Audio Workstation. In 2001 my intention was born to start to produce electronic music. The song ‘The 90s’ mirrored my early emotions when I started to make music.

11: Hold You Down

Once I had my first thougths to work on another album last year, I’ve started to work on some ideas and created this great instrumental. I combined the songwriting and recorded voice by Michael Jo and it fit’s perfectly into the proggy sound I wanted to keep with the album. I’ve tried some new ways but with this song I wanted to present my back to the roots sound I made the last years.

12: Nepal

I have so many aims, so many places I wanna visit in the near future. I have seen very special and beautiful places around the world already but there is one place I wanna visit as a last aim/target when I will be old. Nepal is absolutely interesting for me because the people are so different to others. Lots of people says they’ve found their luck, without materially having things. This is a very interesting way to live and thats the reason why I want to travel to this country in the future.

13: Berlin Blue

There is no other city than Berlin I love more. The capital city of Germany played a big role in my whole life once whatching the Loveparade on TV before 2000. I was too young but wished I would be there every year. Finally I enjoyed the last loveparade in 2006. However, there are so many more memories; my friend Markus Pilar (Marksun & Brian, my DJ and producer partner till 2008) and I drove to Berlin 6 to 8 times a year to enjoy the nightlife till 2008. We’ve stopped to work together around January 2009 but my urge to this city never stopped and it’s still an inspiration and innovative place for me. At least I’m there once a year to enjoy the easy and relaxed people and atmosphere. I’ve catched these feelings and turned it into the song ‘Berlin Blue’.

14: Lie To Youself

Maybe some knows that I have my side project “Cabriolet Paris” and I have a passion for deeper sounds as well. This one is a perfect song which tells my more calmer side. Before Trove wrote and sang on this instrumental.

We created this idea in the studio with Nathan Rux together with a good friend of us who is involved in folk/country music, he has a band in southern Germany, his name is “Jerome Jugel”, a great photographer and awesome guitar player. Her played the guitar in the track we’ve sampled. This track reflects how good a result can be if you’re making a freestyle session in the studio and just have fun and being creative.

15: Us

During the last 20 years there were the kind of indie & folk music which I started to hear very early and I’m still obsessed into this style – I don’t wanna stop trying to combine this music with the EDM sounds I like mostly do so this is a perfect song to finish this album. However, there are so many other ideas I still want to create when I’m thinking about the topic of this album.