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Steve Aoki writes open letter to his critics



EDM superstar and receiver of untold criticism Steve Aoki has written an open letter to his detractors, explaining the reasons behind his controversial behaviour at shows.

Posting via The Daily Beast, Steve addresses the issue of “DJing vs. The Cake (which includes the cake, the raft, the champagne, the stage dives…the entertainment part of the show”, admitting that “taken out of context these ideas are honestly bizarre.” Correct Steve! However – hold fire all ye naysayers – he goes on to say that “all these props are tools of expression”, describing how “the cake is about celebration. It’s something to be experienced in person. When you see fans begging to be caked and how happy they are afterwards, it’s like scoring a touchdown. The whole place erupts and joins in that happiness.”

Steve also goes on to confirm that he is in fact a DJ and not an award-winning performance artist (oh Wunderground you little fibbers), firmly informing all “the haters” and “the Internet trolls” that he has “never played a mix CD”. That’ll show ’em!Rounding up the retort, Steve explains his own personal experiences of “caking”: “When I see the person who was begging for the cake then get covered in frosting as the crowd roars, smiling from ear to ear, it’s a unique and incredibly exciting feeling for myself” – ok Steve, just don’t get too excited please. Finally, answering that age old question “to cake or not to cake”, Steve’s answer is unsurprising: “My choice is to cake.”

Read the full article here.

Grahame Farmer

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