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Stefano Ritteri returns with New Music & Direction


Stefano Ritteri will be a familiar name to many, having previously released several well-received productions on labels such as Pets and Get Physical. The London-based Italian producer has a studio chock full of vintage synths and hardware, which keeps him inspired and ensures his output sounds boxfresh. Now, after what seems like an all-too-long hiatus from making music, the man once dubbed SOLO is back with 2 killer slabs on Jimpster’s Freerange with ‘A Different Happiness’.

The title-track is a percussion-heavy jam which takes a minimal approach. The ear-worm melody gets you hooked-in from the start. Samples of spoken word create an unnerving atmosphere, making this one of those tracks which can work in a variety of settings.

The B-side – ‘Pocket Melody’ – is a simple yet effective track which sees Stef coming-up with some warped Zawinul-inspired vibes. The playful melody snakes around in an improvised way, whilst the dubby drums and classic analogue beat ensures listeners stay locked in its hypnotic groove.

Ritteri says of the release: “This was a year of experimentation, of finding the sound that I want to portray, of looking for something that wasn’t there yet. This release is the result of wanting to fight the formulas that I had created myself over the past 10 years making music. It runs parallel to what I am playing now as a DJ. I stopped listening to genres that became stale to me: tech house and monotonous techno. I discovered labels I had never heard before, and a plethora of producers not afraid to use different time signatures and samples. Ideas which are not explored in most clubs or studios. This has pushed me to experiment more.

I talk with so many young producers who are advised to mimic others to fit in and be marketable. I have played that game for a long time and enjoyed the perks that came with it. But this creates so many average records. So I feel very happy to be out of that way of thinking. And I hope people that have followed my creative output will enjoy this new direction.”

‘A Different Happiness EP’ is out now on vinyl and digital formats via Freerange.