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Staying Healthy as a DJ with Carly Wilford



This week Grahame Farmer asks Carly Wilford the BIG QUESTION “What are you tips for staying healthy on the road as a DJ?”

Carly is a groundbreaking Presenter & DJ, she takes the artists she believes in and broadcasts their music to the world. Strongly connecting both the US and UK music scenes, her roots within the UK scene have helped to bring through so many of the artists on today’s airwaves.

Not only is she a global tastemaker but music manager and forward thinking A&R. Carly is at the forefront of everything music related – from new artists to secret collaborations, if you need to know about it she has already got it covered. Currently standing as Music Editor for Viber’s ‘Viber Presents’ Music Channel she updates 1.8 million people every day on the music that she rates.

Carly joins Carl Loben (DJ Mag, Editor-in-Chief, UK), Kate Hutchinson (The Guardian, Journalist, UK) and SheSaid.so to discuss Sexual harassment at IMS Ibiza as it will finally be addressed with a proactive discussion, less talk more action; what can we do, how we can listen, how can we fight it?

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