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State Of Mind return with ‘Land of the Blind’ Pt 3 LP


Known for their musical integrity and no compromises production, New Zealand’s State of Mind are a duo who’ve stayed at the pinnacle of their game for over a decade. In more recent times Blackout Music has stood as the perfect home for their sound, a cornerstone for the darkest part of the drum & bass world. Their award-winning album ‘Eat the Rich’ was released on Blackout in 2014 and became a record that helped shape the modern era of ‘neurofunk’.

Now they return with their 5th studio album ‘Land of the Blind’. Somewhat unusually, State of Mind have unleashed this project in 3 parts, a process that enables fans to better digest the body of the album. In the world of streaming, State of Mind believe that the public’s value of the album as a commodity has changed. The days of buying a release, skimming the booklet and listening to every song in detail have been replaced by the convenience of streaming and an industry driven by singles. The decision to release in stages, in a way that suits audience consumption patterns, was made in the hope that it creates a greater opportunity to discover songs, build memories and fall in love with a wider range of material on the record overall. In that sense, the release of the complete album represents the culmination of that three stage process.

From beginning to end, ‘Land of the Blind’ is a journey through the repertoire of skills State of Mind have built throughout their career.

The ‘Land of the Blind’ brings together an album which will stand in the trophy cabinet of Blackout’s most imperative releases, proving once more why the label has become such a driving force in less than a decade since its inception.

We have the honour of premiering ‘Part Of Me’ where State Of Mind collaborate with titans of D&B Black Sun Empire. Hold tight cos this one’s a face melter!

‘Land Of The Blind’ is released on Blackout Music on 9th September. Check out ‘Part Of Me’ below and grab a copy of the album here


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