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Squarepusher Announces New Album



Squarepusher is still widely regarded as possibly the most forward-thinking electronic artist of today. His rich approach to creating new and exciting music, while also pushing the boundaries of what a live show could be continues to expand minds and challenge orthodoxies. From the very outset his work showed  a nous for the unconventional and this experimental edge to his production style quickly got him noticed as well as compared to other visionary artists of the day such as Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert. After swiftly making waves the young Squarepusher would then sign a five-album deal with the iconic Warp Records and begin his seminal career.

With such an illustrious back catalogue of work and series of large scale tours behind we’d forgive Tom for taking at little time out in 2015. We’re pleased to report however that this won’t be the case with LED welding mask donning maestro revealing details of a his next album, Damogen Furies, which will arrive via Warp Records on April 20.

In other Squarepusher news fans can get taste of what they can expect from the LP  over on the Squarepusher website where he’s posted a free download of album cut ‘Rayc Fire 2’. Featuring eight new track the LP will be available on double-vinyl, CD and digital formats.

01. Stor Eiglass
02. Baltang Ort
03. Rayc Fire 2
04. Kontenjaz
05. Exjag Nives
06. Baltang Arg
07. Kwang Bass
08. D Frozent Aac

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