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We like weird at Data Transmission; the out-there and the off-kilter has always appealed to us, as it’s… well, different! So when we heard about Taylor Barrow and his oddball approach to mashed up dance music, it peaked our interest, and we thought our Spotlight series was the perfect platform for Taylor to strut his stuff.

Taylor first came to our attention through his new 1161 release, a collection of 6 tracks that not only blurs genre boundaries, but rubs them out entirely. The debut release from Phone Home Records – a new imprint from Tape Club, curated by Hairy Hands – 1161 sticks everything from hip hop and funk to jungle and electro in a blender, and somehow ends up with a palatable outcome.

Although he now works with Ableton, Taylor’s combination of classical training and a history experimenting on his Dad’s old Roland EP-9, has landed him with both a natural musicality and an unnatural sound. Showcasing this in his Spotlight Mix, the Toronto producer brings together the likes of Jacques Greene, BADBADNOTGOOD, Mr. Oizo, Flying Lotus, Lapalux, Shlohmo and Deadmau5.

Check out the full tracklist below the stream and follow the links at the bottom of the page for more from Taylor Barrow and Phone Home Records.


Cubin – Taylor Barrow
After Life After Party – Jacques Greene
Shell of Light – Burial
Machyne – Mr. Oizo
Since You Asked Kindly – BADBADNOTGOOD
Battlecat – Hairy Hands
1983 – Flying Lotus
Guuurl – Lapalux
Natural – Clams Casino
The Real Her – Drake
Murdah – Dengue Dengue Dengue
Double Fifths – Teebs
You Would Just Be – Taylor Barrow
Not Busy – Taylor Barrow
Trapped In A Burning House – Shlohmo
The Sound – Fredeverything
Mars – Caribou
Maths – Deadmau5





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