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Spotlight Mix: Slowburn


spotlight-slowburnGradually bubbling up – as their name would suggest – from the Irish underground, Slowburn have been doing the rounds on the house circuit for several years now, so we thought it was time to stick them under the Data Transmission Spotlight and see what they’re made of.

Since a chance meeting at a club in Dublin, the duo – formed of Phillip Long and David Hargadon – have secured a healthy helping of releases, including work for Uzuri, Lunar Disko, Apartment, Elecktrosouls, Austere and Grounded In Humanity. Quite the catalogue then, perhaps these two aren’t such slow-burners after all!

The pair’s attitude towards production is relaxed at least, even if their release schedule is becoming ever more hectic. “When we make music, we just try and capture the mood at that moment,” they say in their bio. “We never set out to make anything in particular and we just jam and take things as they come. I guess we usually try to have a strong sense of melody with our pads and always try to and keep a good flow.” This easy-going nature comes across in their Spotlight mix, as they journey through disco, jazzy funk and laid-back beats.

Stream or download our exclusive Slowburn mix below and head to the duo’s SoundCloud page for more.