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Data Transmission had a little venture out to Russia recently, and it got us thinking, there must be a whole well of fresh talent in a place so big. After all, the country did produce our No.1 DJ of 2014, Nina Kraviz. Well, that trip to the Alfa Future Festival was to provide us with our answer there too, in the form of Adam Antine.

A regular fixture on the Moscow DJ circuit since 2004, Adam has built a reputation for serving up a wide array of electronic music, crossing the borders between techno and deep tech house. Nothing is certain when it comes to an Adam Antine set, except a metric ton of groove.

In 2008, the need to produce came a callin’ and Adam applied a similar technique, looking to everything from early melodic techno and progressive, to more recent musical developments, for influence. This broad, unpredictable style has earned Adam across a range of labels including Higway, Pleasure Garden, Future Form, J00F, Baroque, Proton Music, Balkan Connection, Mobilisiemusic, Smuth Digital and Siteholder.

Quite a mouthful, eh? Well, we’ll stop going on and just let Adam show you his skills. Stream or download Adam’s Spotlight Mix below and check out the full tracklist below the audio. For more from Adam Antine, visit his SoundCloud.


01. Mirko Loko – Gloria
02. Daniel Bortz – Don`t Disturb Bjorn
03. Pell Preda – Romper Stomper (Jacob Phono Subcult Remix)
04. Phil Weeks – Social Club
05. Genius Of Time – Tom Jam
06. Gideon Bouwens – Life Stories part 3.2
07. Kid Enigma – Peaceful Year (Bebadim Remix)
08. Bot & Tony Quattro – Guess Who (Original Mix)
09. Marasco – Can`t keep me down (feat. Embassy of Joy)
10. The Glitz – Friends
11. Yousef – I need you
12. El Txef A – Every Day Is Blue Monday feat Meggy (Lake People remix)