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Spotlight Mix: A45



Sounding like a busy road – to British ears at least – we think Alberto Castellana’s A45 moniker couldn’t be more apt, with both his work in the studio and the DJ booth never failing to help us get to where we’re looking to go. 

Having recently treated techno lovers everywhere to the incredibly discerning, if pessimistically titled ‘Lack Of Trust In Human Race’ EP for Engrave LTD  we had to hit the elusive producer up for a Spotlight mix before the rest of the world came calling only to find he’d already left the cosmos.

Across 4 tracks, the Lack Of Trust In Human Race’ EP dishes up a cohesive vision of the future, supplying a surround sound fuelled techno trip sure to satisfy purists and newcomers alike.

“All my tracks have a geometric irregular structure composed of syncopated patched LFO and shuffled sequences, all mainly in minor key,” the wily Italian producer explains. “As a techno purist I often use the 909 drum machine and bassline in sinewaves. During my DJ sets I always try to follow a logical way, starting with ambient tracks and finishing with not so violent stuff, slowly calming things down. It’s during the middle of the sets that I try to do the best by playing with high and low pass filters, fitting tracks together in order to make everything appear more linear.

My selection doesn’t follow the hits of the moment, instead focusing on the particularity of the tracks, regardless of the release. Regarding my future as producer, I’m still looking for the right patches in order to have a recognizable signature sound for each release or single. I’ve also recently been trying to introduce jazz in my tracks to fully express my background. I hope the work I’m putting in will pay off in time.”

So there you have it, in the man’s own words. Now check out his mix below. It’s time for the weekend!



Jose Pouj – Negative Electrodes Christian Wunsch Remix
Ribe – Deviation Original Mix
Alex Randal – Stroboscope Original Mix
Christian Wunsch – Blazar Original Mix
A45 – Drastik Way To Explain Himself
TWR72 – Vestibulocochlearis Original Mix
Troy – Northbound Original Mix
Christian Wunsch – Marduk
Coeffcient – Blood Red
Peter Van Hoesen – Axis Mundi

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