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Spektre to release ‘Gates of Dawn’


Following on from Spektre’s steamroller that was ‘Carnival of Souls’, Respekt’s top brass are back with a fresh two-tracker.

After beginning life as an experimental side-project for members Paul Maddox and Rich Wakley, Spektre find themselves over a decade later as established and respected features of the Techno landscape.

Our premiere today is the second part of this double A-side which is the more introspective ‘Something Inside Us’, on which the duo keeps the energy levels high, blending mesmerising, acidic melodies with cinematic pads and a scene-setting vocal sample.

The remix package adds yet more colours to the release’s palette, with top notch reinterpretations from Loco & Jam and Vinicius Honorio.

You can grab them all here.

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