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Special Request Unveils ‘Reset It’



We make no secret of the fact that we’ve always been big fans of Paul Woolford here at Data Transmission. Criminally underrated for far too long we’ve been delighted to see a spotlight being shone on his stellar productions over the last couple of years and so news that he would be delivering a a series of new EPs for XL Recordings under his Special Request moniker was greeted with much excitement here at the office.

Re-contextualising jungle’s frantic, hectic drum work for a contemporary audience, it goes without saying we’re massive fans of Woolford’s alternate moniker with what we’ve heard of ‘Modern Warfare’ EPs so far blowing us away.

Arriving throughout October, the records will be compiled into one digital album at the end of the month. Serving up nine “first generation rave, jungle and hardcore” influenced cuts you can check out EP track ‘Reset It’ below.



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