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Special Request announces EP ‘Stairfoot Lane Bunker’ on Houndstooth


Paul Woolford has announced his next release as Special Request is an EP coming on the fabric-run label Houndstooth called ‘Stairfoot Lane Bunker’

It encapsulates 5 bold new excursions into the outer limits followed by a remix from Minor Science (known for his previous releases on Whities and The Trilogy Tapes). The eagle-eyed will notice 5 of these tracks appear on FABRICLIVE 91.  Featuring Rampantly-edited electro beats, a sampled speak-n-spell vocal, and a pure sci-fi breakdown sets, two jungle tracks taken to dizzying extremes, furnace-rattling subs and much more.

It comes out on 7th April!


A1. Redrum
A2. Stairfoot Lane Bunker
A3. Telepathic Dog
B1. Replicant
B2. Five Lane Ends
B3. Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science Remix)


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