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Sneak Peek of the New CloudBounce Desktop App


Exciting News as Cloudbounce are about to release a new Desktop App. We have a sneak peek video of the brand new app.

Leading Scandinavian online mastering platform, CloudBounce, provides a versatile range of hi-res mastering solutions, allowing user to the best-in-class sound quality and unparalleled options to tweak the sound of their final masters.

We were doing some digging around after CloudBounce cut their annual subscription price and opened up their affiliate programme in order to help struggling music creators, and came across this video showing the redesigned CloudBounce desktop app.

The rumour is that the new desktop app is lightning fast and will run on your own computer rather than using the cloud-based service, giving instant results and instant comparison between options. The new desktop app is expected to offer multi-file import for album mastering and provide two more formats for multi-file export than the web version. Best of all, according to the chatter, it will be automatically included in the existing subscription plans.

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