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Skream Shares Smiths Cover



Remember last year when Skream remixed iconic The Smiths song This Charming Man? Despite the fact we (alongside many others) loved it here at Data Transmission it didn’t exactly go down  brilliantly with some quarters of the Manchester outfits most diehard fans who Skream revealed absolutely “annihilated” him for daring to touch one of their favourite songs with some even going as far as to send the producer death threats. Yes death threats. Undaunted by the experience Skream has returned to working on The Smiths material sharing a new piano driven cover of their song There is A Light That Never goes out featuring Graham Sampson  of Smiths cover band The Smyths. Which you can check out below Skream’s statement accompanying the work.

“The last time I touched a piece of The Smiths music I got absolutely annihilated…

Let me explain my reason behind this cover please.

Whenever I play in Manchester I end my set with a big Manchester record and last Friday being my return to Store Street I needed a track I hadnt used before..I’ve played all the obvious ones ‘Love WIll Tear Us Apart’ New Order, Stone Roses etc etc….

So I picked this track but didn’t just want to play the original.. So I figured out a piano version but couldn’t find an acapella..

I then went on to spend my day listening to Smiths cover band and came across ‘The Smyths’ (www.thesmyths.net ) and contacted them and was introduced to Graham Sampson the lead singer who agreed to re sing it for me….

I wasnt gonna upload it but theres been demand from the people who were there Friday to hear it again and from people who wanna hear it from a video clip I uploaded..

Anyway..Here it is….And to all the Smiths fans please..No more death threats looooool” 

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