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Skinnybit returns to Black Lizard Records


Skinnybit returns to the Black Lizard Records imprint with ‘XANADU’ which comes in the wake of his debut single on the label a few months ago.

Born and raised in a family of musicians, Fabio aka Skinnybit has been exposed to house music and hip hop a since early age. After a while he decided to buy a couple of turntables and start DJing. Right after that he began producing his own music, a blend of funk and tech house elements that makes his trademark sound and has been featured in prestigious labels like Sleazy G, Perfect Driver, Zulu records and of course his own Lame Digital.

Our premiere today ‘XANADU’ begins with a sweet lament that suddenly takes you to India. This Siren’s song pulls you towards a totally percussive world and with a hypnotic drop, the listener tumbles down a tunnel of mesmerizing melodies.

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