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Shogun Audio Sign Total Science



Long standing D&B duo Total Science have revealed that they are to release a new EP via Friction’s Shogun Audio this August as the veterans make their debut with the imprint. The pairing of Paul Smith and Jason Greenlaugh have been an omnipresent within the drum and bass  scene since the 1990’s and with an illustrious back catalogue that reads as a who’s who in the scene with releases on Metalheadz, Good Looking, Renegade, Critical and 31 Records amongst countless others and their own imprint C.I.A so  it seems less surprising that the duo are releasing on Shogun Audio than it is they haven’t done so earlier.

An appearance on Shogun seemed on the cards after Total Science made an appearance on last years Evolution EP 3 but the upcoming work entitled See Your Face remains the first time they have had a proper outing on the label. Showcasing the full array of their production techniques and styles See Your Face sees the boys team up with long term collaborator Riya on vocals whilst two other tracks present “harsher, abrasive breaks” as Shogun affiliate Alix Perez rounds off the release with a remix.

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