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Shermanology releases ‘Sunshine’ on new label imprint World Go Round


Dutch brother and sister duo Shermanology announce the launch of the label imprint World Go Round in collaboration with UK tastemaker Dan Carter with their soulful, cool leaning club single ‘Sunshine.’

Having laid the vocals to Tim Berg‘s ‘Blessed,’ and showcased their mainstream abilities on ‘Move Out My Way’ by Dennis Quin, they’ve since toured the world and focused on their more soulfully charged house output, ‘Sunshine’ celebrates over a decade of dance music for the duo.

We’ve been way more focused on house and club records over the past couple of years, but there was something about ‘Sunshine’ that made us really want to get it out there,” explains Andy. “When we heard Dan was launching World Go Round it just felt like the perfect time and circumstances to get it out there. The track makes me think of warmer days, and I think that’s the sort of mental relief a lot of people are looking for right now.

Stream ‘Sunshine’ below and follow Shermanology on Spotify to keep up with new releases!


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