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Scarper releases new ‘Warmer Squares’ LP on Plexus Records


Over the past few years, a string of releases has seen London-based producer Steve Young aka Scarper win over fans as wide reaching as Laurent Garnier and DJ Food, not to mention finding the time to help build a label who’s records have landed in the collections of Daddy G, Mixmaster Morris and Plaid.

He has just announced his new ‘Warmer Squares’ LP, which is his debut album and follows the single ‘Lacuna‘. The album doesn’t stray too far from the old-skool sounds explored in his previous releases and offers up an unashamedly nostalgic, serotonin-drenched trip, which we absolutely love!

It’s rich in Kraftwerkian melodies, with a backdrop of classic UK Rave, Ambient-Techno and Braindance feel.  He has kept things simple and immediate throughout, which leaves you with a piece of work which displays a refreshing and often good-humoured charm at it’s heart, check out ‘Fellow Munk’ below!

‘Warmer Squares’  is out on 21st April on Plexus Records

One For Alfie
Green Song
Hot Potatoes
Jitterbug Acid
The Drift
Fellow Munk
Endless Fractals