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Ryan Crosson remixes Cali Lanauze’s ‘Come Around Three’



Opulence founder’s Jonny Cruz & Cali Lanauze are back together for the labels third release and their first Joint EP since 2012.

This four track Ep sees the pair give us each their own personal take on the groovy, dark and trippy sound that is Opulence. On the A side we see Cali Lanauze’s “Come Around Three”. Simplicity is the key here, led by its dark pads and groovy bass. all the elements combine beautifully for a deadly hypnotic and trippy head nodder.

Visionquest’s head boss Ryan Crosson steps in on remix duties and delivers our debut transmission for his simple step remix, which is a more fat laced club stomper with a bouncy baseline and pads that make this cut a brilliant dance floor gem.

Check it out below!

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