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Roska announces his ‘Perception’ LP



5 Years after his last album on Rinse, Roska returns back to the long play format with ‘Perception’.

This body of work, which he’s been working on for the last 3 years, contains some of his most ingenious work continuing to craft his own lane from the UK Funky template he and others have birthed a decade ago.

Whilst being a figurehead and mentoring artists coming up in the music scene Roska has shown and proved that his love for the sound he has produced over the years hasn’t stopped, although during the genre’s decline between 2012 and 2014 he reverted to playing more House and predominantly his own productions to fill the void. Accompanying the LP will be a live show with dates incoming later this year.

Moving forward to 2018, Roska’s RKS is in its 10th year with this release being the 91st – check out the first track below and grab the album here

1. Intro
2. Roska ft. Aleisha Lee – Over You
3. Roska ft. Donae’O – Unknown Language
4. Roska ft. Mista Silva – Winning Team
5. Perception
6. Level 3
7. Roska ft. Newham Generals – Tonight
8. Lose Ya Mind
9. Roska ft. Chrystal & Simbad – Running
10. Roska ft. Gemmy – Syrup
11. Roska & Jammz – Don’t Get Gassed


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