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Roland Tings releases ‘Always Rushing’


Australian producer Roland Tings (aka Rohan Newman) has released his new single, “Always Rushing” via Sony/Cascine.

This is the second extract to emerge from his eagerly anticipated upcoming album ‘Salt Water’. The album was first announced back in April this year with lead single “Hiding In The Bushes”.

Newman’s career as a producer and artist stretches back almost a decade and has seen him explore myriad sounds, combining techno, pop and countless other genres and subgenres into a sound and aesthetic that could only be his. Regardless of style or sound, the one unifying adjective that keeps coming up when fans and critics talk about his music is his boundless, infectious enthusiasm. What’s more, you’ll be pleased to hear that enthusiasm still courses through the veins of every single track on the album.

“Always Rushing” more than lives up to its very apt title. Right from the opening seconds of the track, huge bursts of colour erupt from the speakers as the deftly arranged melodies flutter and soar. Beneath that, a snappy, foot-moving beat crunches and snaps through the mix, injecting some whip-crack pace into proceedings.

“I keep going because I’m obsessed with the process of creation,” he explains. “I love finding new ways to express different ideas. I love researching ideas and digging to the root of them. Finding where they came from and why they exist. I love to take other people’s ideas from unrelated fields and try to integrate them into what I’m doing. That’s where I think the most interesting ground is with regards to music. How do you turn orchestral music into techno, how do you turn a painting into sound, how do you represent a book as a song”?

Listen/Share: https://smarturl.it/RT.AlwaysRushing


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