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Roland tease the return of the TR-909



For 33 years, the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer has been one of the most definitive sounds in music, and the beating heart of electronic music culture and then in 1985 Roland discontinued the original TR-909 – next to the 808, it’s arguably Roland’s most reputable product.

Today the Japanese gear company, have got us excited by revealing a vital piece of information that suggests the comeback of the drum machine, the iconic TR-909.

The company shared on facebook (with the video below) an up-coming event that sparked a possible return of the TR-909. On September the 9th Roland’s ‘909 Celebration Event’ is set to take place where it will see a line of new products and displays in a global live-stream.

“For 33 years the TR-909 has been one of the most definitive sounds in electronic music and the beating heart of DJ culture,” Roland announced via press release. “Join us as we celebrate 33 years of the “909” with the release of many new and inspiring electronic instruments.”

We can’t wait to see what the team has in store for their event!


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