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Rockwell Preps ‘Obsolete Medium’



Shogun Audio is undoubtedly one of D&B’s finest and most respected imprints. Home to Rockwell, Icicle, Alix Perez and Spectrasoul it’s no secret Shogun developed a style and sound they’ve helped push to the forefront of the scene, although admittedly it’s a sound they stumbled upon by accident.

Known for, as label boss Friction describes it their “militant, soulful yet rolling” sound which manifested itself especially in the latter half of the noughties and label following the label marking ten years of releasing music last year are upping the ante once again with the announcement that Rockwell’s long awaited debut album will finally arrive next month. Having been releasing on the label for over half a decade, many – DT included – had been wondering just when the Londoner would be dropping an LP on us.

“Being honest, I was struggling for the last few years by trying to write a certain type of music that I thought people were expecting of me, and consequently not making much progress,” Rockwell explains. “I took a conscious decision to let the tunes develop organically and not try to force their direction. What resulted is a very naturally constructed collection of music reflecting my wide range of influences—punk drum fills, techno basses, dusty white noise and neon synths—whilst not heavily mirroring anything too obviously specific, and eschewing many of the cliches of modern dance music production.”

Titled ‘Obsolete Medium’, the 15 track effort hits shelves and hard drives November 27th. Check out album cut ‘Please Please Please (Play This On Radio)’ below.

01. Obsolete Medium (Skit)
02. Faces feat. Lauren L’Aimant
03. INeedU
04. Lines Of Ground Glass
05. 14Me
06. ItsOk2BHapp-E feat. Sam Binga & Hyroglifics
07. Guts / Blood / Sex / Drugs feat. Jams
08. Negative Approach (Skit)
09. Please Please Please (Play This On Radio)
10. Dizzle
11. Macbook Jungle Crew (Your Time)
12. Bait
13. Technoir feat. Breakage
14. Rave Cult feat. Phace
15. Music 2000


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