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Robert James & Jack Michael combine on BODY MVMT second release


Robert James’ BODY MVMT label returns with its second release.

The platform is an extension of his parties. It’s centred around quality electronic music whether it’s techno, deep house, minimal or electro. On this new EP, Rob has curated four tracks produced by some of his talented buddies. These include Frazer Campbell, North Phase, LCVA, SIDD and our premiere, a collaboration with Jack Michael.

First up is that collab, entitled ‘B2A’. A solemn bassline rolls out below skipping percussion as angular melodies give the cut a mechanical lilt. Mysterious voices pop in and out of background adding a mystical allure. Next up is ‘Chroma’ by LVCA & SIDD. This a squelchy bass-heavy workout with gently swaying pads and an eerie motif keeping things on the dark side.

On the flip, we have Frazer Campbell with ‘The One-Armed Bandit’. A cosmic leaning techno production that takes us up and away beyond the stars. The pace is quickened, the bass sublime and the overall feel is ominous yet fantastical, like an exploratory spaceship entering the atmosphere of an unexplored planet. Lastly, North Phase close out the EP with ‘Zone 1’, a moody minimalistic trip with breakbeat-esque percussion. It has a pensive climate through which the tension is gradually increased.

Listen to Robert James & Jack Michael collaboration below and grab the whole EP here.