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Nightlife and theater join forces for UNDER THE INFLUENCER


Rinsed is a pop-up club night based in Brooklyn. Fusing installation art and music, they have hosted some of dance music’s biggest acts and showcased them in DIY venues across the city. Rinsed’s founders and residents, Dan Wender and Blacky II run and manage an independent label, The Umbrella which is is dedicated to providing a new kind of record label, bringing together the familiar and the foreign. While most record labels have some kind of basic release party, The Umbrella puts an equal emphasis on the experimental component of each album’s release.

UNDER THE INFLUENCER is an immersive show and music video presentation, diving into the internet’s most tortured souls – the influencers. Presented on a 360 degree stage with surround sound, these explosive personalities will crumble before your very eyes. Wade through the thick muck of the larger-than-life characters in your social media landscape, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the people that hide behind your screen.

Built around a proprietary set design, the audience is constantly rotating to experience different points of engagement all around them. The show features a hexagonal set with 3 video screens playing music videos, and 3 stages accommodating a series of live action interludes to tell an actual narrative. Prepare for a devastatingly raw performance by Jordan Sarah, as he takes off the gorilla glass and gives it to you IRL. He is supported by Annie Georgia Greenberg from Refinery29, who is stepping out of her role as an actual influencer with immense self-awareness.

The story focuses on a famous Instagram influencer, who at the height of his notoriety grapples with some preposterous and privileged personal crises. Our anti-hero sabotages himself to feed his ego, and ends up back where he started, albeit with his soul and dreams thoroughly crushed. It’s a voyage and return, a comedy and a tragedy, turning the lens on our obsession with the lifestyle genre.

No production would be complete without a unique original score, and Dan Wender and Blacky II do not disappoint. Comprised of 4 original productions, the ‘Snakes & Ladders EP’ will be available January 26 under The Umbrella. A download of the record will also be included with ticket purchase.

Join one of New York’s most prominent POP-UP parties for an evening of satirical theater dressed with a premiere audio backdrop on Friday, February 2, 2018


Under the Influencer: Coming in February from RINSED on Vimeo.

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